ICAD’s Visit to KAUST & Rabigh City

ICAD’s team from Research, Engineer, Develop (RED) Division attended the opening ceremony for the new
Al-Miyah decentralized Wastewater Treatment Demonstration Plant in Rabigh.

The KAUST invented decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plant removes pollutants using innovative Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS)-Gravity-Driven Membrane (GDM) technology, which can reduce energy demand by 50% and generate better quality of treated sewage effluent than convention bio-floc processes.
It’s decentralized operation also allows for easier deployment and integration in areas lacking sufficient infrastructure for water reuse. With these advantages, the deployment of AGS-GDM technology aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals of 70% water reuse and 100% sanitation.

In an era where water scarcity is a pressing concern globally, ICAD is proud to support KAUST as a Master
Technology Partner in the development and implementation of resource-efficient and sustainable technologies that address the global need, whilst meeting the Vision 2030 agenda.

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