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      Saudization Initiative Program

  • Identifying local Saudi talent through Recruitment Fairs and investing in training

  • Hiring and training female Saudis

  • Providing Internship programs

      Knowledge Transfer Program

  • Management Skills Development Program

  • Training programs in association with Munich Airport Academy and IBM

     Social Responsibility Programs

      As part of our Social Responsibility Programs, ICAD is proud to support the community with many programs including The Special Needs Ladies Program that provides training, and skills developing tools, so that women are able to be part of a work environment having into account their limitations and/or  disabilities. During the program  women acquire:

  • Integration of their skills with the company needs through the Distance Jobs Law from MOL

  • Specialized Training such as hearing disabilities on the job training in a specialized training center on different tasks each suited for their skills

  • Fully equipped long distance workstations for each employee to feel comfortable and with enough time to create high quality products

  • Supervised by quality control systems to ensure the consistency of the workflow

  • High Quality Products that are not only handmade but also heart made

     Interdepartmental Training Program

  • The objective of this program is to share knowledge between employees of different Departments

  • Gives the opportunity to employees to become involved and learn more about our solutions and the company

  • Each participant receives a Certificate after attending the workshop

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