Solid State Semiconductor Solutions

Solid State Semiconductor Solutions

Innovative solid state semiconductor solutions can sustainably transform and revolutionize cooling and heating using the thermoelectric approach.

This solid state chip offers a better way to cool and heat. It has the power to transform our daily lives, cooling and heating our modern world responsibly and efficiently, without toxic refrigerants.

This chip is considered the element of innovation helping designers and engineers rethink solutions to the world’s toughest thermal challenges.

Thermoelectrics have been around for over a century, yet nobody has perfected it—until now. We’ve integrated the engineering disciplines of pumping heat, moving heat, and controlling heat to create a The new powerful, flexible and efficient thermoelectric system integrates the engineering disciplines of pumping heat, moving heat, and controlling heat.

What Solid State technology offers:

More efficiency with up to 30% less power
Capabilities and efficiencies surpassing current cooling and heating technology

Near-silent, less than 35 dB
Compressor-free solutions

Unsurpassed cooling and heating sustainable solution
With just CO2 and water, the system is non-toxic and non-flammable

Flexible design
Compact, up to 40% more storage capacity
More storage capacity for commercial beverage coolers and medical-grade refrigerators

More reliable, lowering costs by up to 30%
Longer-lasting products
Less maintenance

Where Solid State Technology can be Applied:

• 5G Wireless
• Food & Beverage
• Automotive LIDAR
• Cold Chain Fulfillment
• Furniture & Bedding
• Healthcare
• Last Mile/Cold Chain
• Life Sciences
• Optoelectronics
• Portable Cooling
• Temperature Control for Small Spaces

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